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Design to cost

Resulting of the value analysis, the design to cost process allows to create the new product on the market with the maximum efficiency – to increase the product performance and to reach the customer expectations at targeted costs.

Design to cost approach should be involved as early as possible in the product development cycle and obtained by the cooperation of all actors (marketing, product, engineering, procurement, industrialization, sales and maintenance).

Our design to cost support allows you to generate the cost savings by bringing to life the new innovative and best in quality product.

Economical project management

We provide the business cases arbitration and profitability studies to support project management choices.

We ensure the cost transparency and the cost drivers understanding by forecasting the future total cost of ownership (TCO) of the product, and creating and following the risks/opportunities portfolio.

We helping to understand the cost breakdown of the commodities, analyze it with target cost analysis and to create the shared with other internal stakeholders action plan to reach these target costs.

Industrial purchasing

We develop the maturity of the purchasing function from the procurement strategy elaboration to the direct project purchasing support.

Define the strategy and organization of the purchasing.

Find the right sizing of the function, its positioning in the enterprise and maturity increase.

Sourcing and supplier evaluation.

Support to the contracting.

Strategical suppliers management.

Purchasing performance measurement shared with the finance/controlling.

Support to the industrialization decision

Labor cost being the dominating factor during decades driving the delocalization movement of the production activity.

The relocation (also called backshoring) is related to the other drivers, such as quality, flexibility, lead time and access to the high level of skills and technology.

We offer our support to the start-ups and the large groups in the business cases analysis, research and identification of the industrial partners, and operational management during the transitional phase of industrial installation.

We perform make or buy studies – in order to decide whether to manufacture a product in-house or to purchase it from the third party. This decision should be based on the company’s core competence.


  • Design to Cost
  • Panel construction, sourcing optimization, RFQ, supplier selection
  • Relocation, local outsourcing, JV construction


  • Economical task force
  • Operations management
  • Industrial purchasing


  • Supplier plant / shop floor audit
  • Benchmarking
  • Improving quality standards


  • Target price oriented negotiations
  • Working with international partners